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Field Fence and Trail

Plank Walkway

Another Green Pickup World

Albany Impala

Brown Motif

For Rent

The Beautiful Gate

The church near my work had fallen on hard times, so I figure it is about time for an update. I took a photo or two when I started with my current employer back in 2011. Here’s the original post. The truth is, it has changed again since the photo above was taken. It is slowly being rehabilitated, and is partly repainted and has a new sign. But the work seems to have stalled out so it is not clear what will happen next.

S 1st Austin


_DSC5760-I visited Austin for the first time during a work trip last spring. Naturally, I enjoyed ┬áthe city immensely. But I was disappointed with my photography efforts; I didn’t have much time after being in a conference all day, and I just didn’t seem to know how to approach it. I got very few decent photos. Recently however, I went back and had another look at the set and started playing around with different crops. I realized that many of the shots look better in a 16×9 aspect, which seem to give them a cinematic character. I am now working up a small series based on this.