Urban Farming


“In Aglaia’s Garden 5”, originally uploaded by neocles.

Spring is definitely here, and this week I have earnestly begun plans for spring planting. The difference this year is that in addition to planting my own small garden, I have been talking with my cousin Aglaia about collaborating on a more ambitious garden at her place where she has lots of space. I have been looking into urban farming ideas and the possibility of growing enough to trade with other local “farmers”.

Aglaia’s place is on the ridge in the Oakland hills on an eastern facing slope. It’s a great spot overlooking Moraga and the hills. Right now there is a strip at the top for vegetables, and many fruit trees on the slope. I will get the details on what trees there are, but I know there are at least a couple quince, which I love. And they are pretty rare around here these days, so Bay Area foodies interested in making jam or trendy membrillo (quince paste) might want some. 

There’s tons of clean-up and soil preparation to do, which we started on yesterday. Irrigation is in place but after some years of neglect, probably needs repair. We hope to have the first planting down the first week of May. We are definitely interested in sharing and trading. (Check out www.neighborhoodfruit.com) So, if anyone has recommendations on what to plant around here that people like but don’t already have tons of in their own gardens, let me know!