Liber Prologi in Vitam Beatam

The music gear is set up but just sits there collecting dust. Why? Too much photography? Too much worrying about career? Too much domestic work to do? Too much facebook? Too much everything, really. The suggestion that some or all of it should go is realistic, but devastating just the same. I started the process of paring down, and piled up some things for sale or storage.

I decided I really still want to compose, so I also finally tackled getting my audio software up and running on the brand new iMac. The good news is that the recording software, MOTU’s Digital Performer, all works on OS 10.6, despite being two major releases old. The bad news is that the patch librarian/editor software for all my old synths doesn’t. It won’t run at all, and it doesn’t look like MOTU is really supporting any more. That’ll be a headache to solve.

In the meantime I came across some ambient pieces I had been working on a couple years ago. For some reason they all have working titles derived from works by Paracelsus. Here is a rough mix of the first one.

Click the link above to show the player, then click the pointer for playback.