More Duck Fat

Duck fat fried potatoes

Duck fat fried potatoes - © Neo Serafimidis, All Rights Reserved

It happened again. I came home from work and immediately started on dinner. I decided we’d have potatoes with the healthy turkey sausages. What would it be, baked with just a spot of butter and plenty of salt? Mashed with some 2% milk?

Then I heard it calling my name from the fridge: “neo, put me in the pan… let me lube your spuds… let me caress and envelop your earthy apples.…” That naughty duck fat!

Before I knew it, I was at it:

  • peel and slice the pototoes
  • steam them for just a few minutes, so they soften up a bit but are still a bit undercooked.
  • remove potatoes to a bowl and sprinkle with salt and pepper, and dried Greek oregano, then squeeze a half a lemon or so and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Toss gently to mix and coat being careful not break them up.
  • Heat a couple tablespoons duck fat in a big skillet over high heat. throw ’em in. After they release from the initial stick, keep turning to brown as evenly as you can manage.
  • Eat them hot and crispy.