Long Day


Shot at MacArthur BART while wait for Sarah to pick me up and go into the CIty.

Well, It’s been a long day. I think I’m too tired to write much tonight. But here’s some outlines.

I left for work about 8:15 and took the BART to my work at the Oakland Federal Building.

Two interesting things happened at work. First, one of the high-ranking respondents to a request for feedback on a draft business process guide I have been working on editing for months and months finally sent his response today, the very last day of the response period. He basically said this will not fly (contains unauthorized methods) and to stop the development process immediately. And that he’ll get back to us. Thanks.

The second thing that happened was that from my cubicle up on the seventh floor I heard what sounded like a car alarm going off down in the street below, along with some strange, pre-recorded muffled talking. After trying to ignore it for about 10 minutes by turning up the music in my earbuds, I finally got up to make a snide comment about it to a co-worker. After another five minutes of group snarkiness, the security officer came back through and told us to evacuate the building immediately. Oops. And don’t take the elevators. I walked down to about the fifth floor when I got word that the “drill” was over. Not sure but, I think we have failed the drill. Good thing it wasn’t one of those fertilizer bombs or I’d be in deep shit.

The day at the office was followed by two art openings. The first was a small show in a small cafe a block from my office in the street level shops of the Tribune building. I have one piece in the show. Thanks Sarah Filley! So, I walked over after work. I saw friend Paula Wirth, who curated the previous show I had some pieces in, and which led to one being in this one.  And I had good time talking to Paula’s friend Will, a jazz vocalist and a photographer. After a couple glasses of champagne it was back on the BART to MacArthur Station where my Sarah picked me up to go into the City for more festivities.

The second art opening was friend Seth Dickerman’s show at Muse Gallery in SF. The show is great. I really like his dreamy layering of motion anyway, but here the technique is used with multiple panoramic-style shooting that is rendered with distinct frames or panels rather than stitched into a single frame. This gives it a motion-picture-film-strip quality. Nice. Afterward, a bunch of us went to dinner at a taqueria on Valencia in the Mission. Overstuffed, mildly buzzed, and exhausted, I arrived back home 14.5 hours after leaving this morning.

Now, I’m really too tired to write another word.

Update: and judging by the typos I had to correct this morning, I was too tired to write the words I did write.