Found Rant #2

Club Mallard's Great Old Sign

Club Mallard's Great Old Sign - © neo serafimidis 2011

Just found: this deep-sixed, gut response to an apparent effort to make Albany yet more wholesome.

“Some of the effort to resolve problems with the Mallard seems to assume we live in some idyllic suburb where we only encounter members of our own tribe, and all the establishments are either only for use by those within walking distance, or are in strip malls with plenty of parking stalls. The reality is that we live in the middle of a huge urban center that will only continue to become more densely populated. We may not want to believe that, but it is true. The dangerous affliction of having strangers parking in the neighborhood is evident all over town, not just in poor ol’ West Albany. God knows its bad out here in North-North-East Albany, near the border with the hinterlands of Contra Costa County and the sphere of influence of AHS.

On the upside, having people around is what makes a place culturally interesting, exciting, and desirable. Indeed, some people here might welcome more culture, nightlife, music, and art geared for adults. Sometimes it seems this town has [censored–too provocative even for the personal blog].

If people can’t put up with the challenges of densely populated areas to enjoy the benefits of same, then they owe it to themselves to move to a place that provides them what they really want. I hear there are good deals on houses in the central valley these days.”