Albany Commercial Streetscapes

Albany Streetscape #143

Albany Streetscape #143 / © neo serafimidis 2011

Among all the other things that were going on, I managed last weekend to finish photographing the west side of San Pablo Ave in my Albany Commercial Streetscape series. It took awhile because I wanted to do it during the morning hours. I only have weekends on which I can take mornings to go shooting. And often, it is hard to take a weekend morning with all the domestic tasks that must also be done. But shoot I did, this last weekend. So, now I’m approximately 25% done. I’ll shoot the east side of San Pablo late in the day. Then Solano Ave from roughly San Pablo up to the Albany border with Berkeley. The tricky part is knowing exactly where that border is–Solano eventually splits with one side  continuing in Albany and right across the street becoming Berkeley. I’ve yet to really figure out shooting times. I’m actually hoping for some lightly overcast days to get more even light, especially for the south side of Solano, which is always in shadow.