Minna 3

Last month we went to see the Cartier-Bresson exhibit at SF MOMA. It was a wonderful exhibit, and very inspiring. Yet upon leaving the building, I found myself up to my old ways as I tried to photograph an empty, unremarkable alleyway. It guess it was the converging lines that caught my feeble attention. But getting the shot took me several tries on account of the people that kept walking by. And why shouldn’t they? They had somewhere to go, somewhere to be, things to think about; they had no reason to pay any mind to yet another tourist with an oversized camera. Well, persistent misanthrope that I am, I finally got my desired shot in all its starkness. But now in the weeks that have gone by, the more I look at them all, the more I like the intrusions. Perhaps some of that sympathetic Cartier-Bresson started to sink in after all.

Minna Alley #1

Minna #1

Minna Alley #2

Minna #2

Minna Alley #3

Minna #3