Gallery Games

I had every intention of meeting my obligation to put up my daily post last night. But as we all know, there is a famous paved road…

I really wanted to put up some photos, but do it in a gallery format with bigger images. So, since I had already gone searching for a WordPress photoblog theme and didn’t find anything I liked that much, I thought I’d just quickly find a gallery/lightbox plugin to get started on revamping the blog.

This too, turned out to be much harder than I expected. The main problem seemed to be that most of the gallery plugins don’t work with WP 3.1 yet, including the one I was particularly interested in based on the look of the front end. I finally ended up with something called “Fancy Gallery” that is acceptable in terms of the look of the lightbox, but nowthe thumbnail presentation looks all wacked. Very annoying. Example with semi-random photos follows.

By the time I got even this far, I was sleeping with the laptop on my belly and drooling into the keyboard. If anyone knows of a cool plugin, or how to fix this thumbnail display with the images all shoved together, please wack me upside the head with it. Or just leave a comment.

  • Sidewalk Stamp, Chucks and Cat
    Sidewalk Stamp, Chucks and Cat
  • W.P.A. 1939
    W.P.A. 1939
  • Weensor 1929
    Weensor 1929 😉
  • Schnoor Bros, 1927 (#1)
    Schnoor Bros, 1927 (#1)