Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

The WordPress prodders suggested this photo topic to me (and millions of others). It makes me think of one thing.

About three years ago my late cousin Tommy and his wife Maia were hosting Thanksgiving at the compound in Orinda. He insisted that our family come over the day before to hang out and spend the night, and just leisurely cook and drink and relax. We did. We had a lovely time all around. And it was one of the last times I’d spend an extended amount of time with him in good spirits.

I brought my camera and tripod along to play around with some night shots. Then, since the room we were in had gigantic east facing windows, we were roused by the lovely dawn. I got up, grabbed the camera and tried to figure out how to expose for these solar edge events.

On second thought, there is one other thing that comes to mind when I hear “sunrise”: The Who playing  “See me, feel me” at Woodstock.