Sun and Plume

Sun and Plume (click image to view large)

For several years, I had thought about this shot along I-80 in Berkeley, back when I commuted to Emeryville. Each morning when the conditions were just so, I would think to myself that I should try to take a photo, and that I should be ready the next time. And each day, I would get to work, start my day of worries and promptly forget about it. Then I didn’t have that commute anymore and really did forget all about it. Then, the other day, I drove to work instead of biking and the sun was was out, and there it was again. And there was my camera on the seat next to me. Now, shooting photos while driving in rush hour traffic is not too smart or safe, so I didn’t linger long. This is not what I imagined was possible with the scene, but it is a start. Perhaps if I can get someone else to drive while I hang out the back window I can see what we can do.

Plume #2

Plume #2 (click image to view large)