Oakland Noise

Now that I’ve got your attention… Shots from a concert of sound artists at Liminal Space in Oakland last Friday. Thomas Carnacki performed a piece with video projections. Opening the evening was Zachary James Watkins, followed by Vulcanus 68. Grinding, howling soundscapes, architectural imagery, and nice little art space. I’m looking forward to next time.

  • Zachary James Watkins
    Zachary James Watkins
  • Vulanus 68
    Vulanus 68
  • The Atmosphere
    The Atmosphere
  • Starship, The Musical
    Starship, The Musical
  • Sign of the Vintage Cross
    Sign of the Vintage Cross
  • Shuddering Triad
    Shuddering Triad
  • RED
  • Precious
  • Particle Wave
    Particle Wave
  • It burned
    It burned
  • In a Memory
    In a Memory
  • Apex of No One
    Apex of No One
  • An Imperceptible Shift
    An Imperceptible Shift