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SmAlbany Diorama

A memory of a photo I once saw, or was I there?

Upon Facing Impala

Apache 10

1960 Chevrolet Apache 10Another scene along my commute that I have shot before, but was never happy with the results. This time, I think there is some story to the image. I especially like the garage slowly being reclaimed by nature.


Organic Panel Truck

Art Murmur Bel Air

Art Murmur Bel Air

Art Murmur Bel Air

Since I primarily use Lightroom for processing and do almost no layering and compositing in Photoshop, I have no skills when it comes to removing annoying things in the image. I tried with this one, and, well, let’s just say it didn’t work out. I can see the value of this, even if not planning to do it a lot. This still needs fixing, so, just consider this a rough draft.

Blue Bel Air with Dog

Blue Bel Air with Dog

Blue Bel Air with Dog (click image to view full size)

Driving back from Baker Beach in the late afternoon, we stopped at a light. Sarah rolled down the window as I raised my iPhone. The dog didn’t pay us no mind, didn’t even blink.

Selenium Chevelle

Chevell and Cones

Chevelle and Cones (click image to view large)

Found on the way home from work the other day. This is the black and white version, done using the selenium preset in lightroom. I’ll post the color version a bit later. Shot with the Nikon D300S.

Corvair Square

I recently changed the route of my bike commute to work. I was simply trying to get away from San Pablo Ave, which, while it is the straightest shot to my workplace, is also very bike-unfriendly. There are lots of cars, obstacles, freeway on/off ramps, and debris.

I decided that I would try to slide over to Hollis Ave through Emeryville, and this took me into west Oakland. The result is a new crop of photos, and some incubating ideas for future series.