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Absolute Vintage

Skate park upon Thames

Flint Ink Shadows

Falcon with Awnings

Brooklyn Canvas #11

For Rent

The Beautiful Gate

The church near my work had fallen on hard times, so I figure it is about time for an update. I took a photo or two when I started with my current employer back in 2011. Here’s the original post. The truth is, it has changed again since the photo above was taken. It is slowly being rehabilitated, and is partly repainted and has a new sign. But the work seems to have stalled out so it is not clear what will happen next.

White Ford with Graffiti

Stop for a Reason

Derelict Storefront, Berkeley CA, April 2011

Derelict Storefront, Berkeley CA, April 2011

I had every intention of riding my bike to work today. Instead I drove again; there was talk of rain. I just missed the light in the left turn lane at Sacramento on account of the slow ped in the Acura in front of me. Slightly miffed, I glanced to my left as he drove off down the street. I glanced back to the camera on the seat next to me. I managed three shots with adjustments before the light turned green.

When I got this evening, someone emailed me about photos of colorful old buildings in the east bay. Note to self: remember to always try to make lemonade.