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Kauai Flowers




Two things happened to coincide: I was preparing to back up the next folder on my hard drive and it happened to contain photographs from last summers trip to Hawaii. Then I looked at the daily email from WordPress for the postaday project and it was the weekly photo challenge: Ocean. So, what could I do? I had to post a photo of an ocean. But I suppose to be my usual solf-subverting self, I ended up selecting this blurry one instead of one of the more conventionally pretty ones. Who knows why?… not me, that’s for sure.

Temple of Found Objects

Outsider Architecture

Click image to view full size.

Perhaps my favorite photograph from our vacation in Hawaii. I expected to find many beautiful things to photograph in Kauai. There is an abundance of natural beauty. What surprised me was finding such nonnatural beauty. I don’t know who built this temple, or why. To what gods? For what end? It doesn’t really matter. I’m just glad they did. It seems to have been built largely of found and recycled materials, especially large metal, everything from tin cafeteria trays to airplane engines. All beautifully sculpted.