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Mare Island Noir #13

Mare Island Noir #7

Moon-lit Clouds Over Mare Island Cranes

Nocturnal Giants

Ohlone Night

In a tiny sliver of tonight’s projected image competition at the camera club (pictorial category/basic level), this got 2nd place. Yes, there were more than two images. Not many more, but a few.

View North Along the Ohlone Greenway

Hot Nude Girls

Hiptych #1

Phil Manley Triptych #1 (click image to view large)

Experimenting with doing more with less, fidelity. Hipstamatic-wise, that is. Some shots from the Psychic Paramount show in Oakland the other night.

Loud Raw Time Warp

I remember listening to a long, tinny mp3 a friend passed along of some noise-rock band. Even through the bad fidelity, the mesmerizing intensity of swirling time distortion hooked me. When Val pinged me again, this time with tickets, I wasn’t going to let a Monday night prevent me from checking them out live. So off we went to downtown Oakland to hear The Psychic Paramount. Dizzying. Crushing. Time-stretching. Fantastic. Transcendent. Inspirational. Click an image below to view the slide show.

Red Velvet Trailer

Red Velvet Trailer #1

Red Velvet Trailer #1 (click image to view large)

I brought my camera along to a gathering of friends the other night. Since I had no tripod with me, I had to prop the camera up on some cups and other items to get longer exposures. This one, at about 1/6th of a second, was one of the more intriguing shots to result.

Hula Lights in January

Hula Lights

Hula Lights (click image to view large)

I’m just starting to¬†work on a website for the care facility where my mom now lives. Last weekend I went over to talk to them about the project and to shoot some photos. It was another bizarrely beautiful spring day in January here in the SF Bay Area. I don’t know if I ended up with anything suitable for the site, but there were some shots that turned out nicely anyway.