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Fresno Motel Emulated

Capri Motel

Western Motel

Steaks, Seafood, and Cocktails


_DSC5760-I visited Austin for the first time during a work trip last spring. Naturally, I enjoyed ┬áthe city immensely. But I was disappointed with my photography efforts; I didn’t have much time after being in a conference all day, and I just didn’t seem to know how to approach it. I got very few decent photos. Recently however, I went back and had another look at the set and started playing around with different crops. I realized that many of the shots look better in a 16×9 aspect, which seem to give them a cinematic character. I am now working up a small series based on this.

House of Shields

House of Shields

House of Shields

When we went into the city last week to see Isabel Samaras’ opening at Varnish Fine Art, we head into the city early. Unfortunately, SFMOMA was close to closing. So, after wandering around Yerba Buena for a while we head toward our destination. We ducked in here for a cocktail before getting to the gallery.

H Bar B


24th and York

Right Here