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Owens Valley Crepuscular

Open Road, Closed Window

Open Road, Closed Window

Open Road, Closed Window (click image to view large)

As I was going through the photos from the trip, I got to a group that looked like decent landscape shots, except that the exposure, color, and sharpness were randomly off. I was advancing through them and trying to make weird adjustments that seemed like they should not be necessary for this kind of shot. Finally it dawned on me: they were all shot from the passenger’s seat through the windshield as we drove along. I had totally forgotten about shooting these. At least I don’t have to worry that the D300 was suddenly going bad on me.

Townhouse Motel

TownHouse Motel Postcard-Style

TownHouse Motel Postcard-Style (click image to view large)

This mid-century motel in the middle of Bishop almost exhibits what seems to be “Danish googie” styling. Shown here with “motel postcard” processing for even more effect.

Paradise is Just a Storm Cloud Away

Hwy 385 #12

Hwy 385 #12

It’s fun to just point the camera out the window while moving down the highway and just see what happens. During our trip to Owens Valley this summer, two families piled into the mini-van, and Bill drove the entire time. I had quite a bit of time sitting shotgun, and although I didn’t take advantage of it as much as I should have, I did start shooting from the shotgun position during a brief rainstorm.

  • Hwy 395 #6
    Hwy 395 #6
  • Hwy 395 #2
    Hwy 395 #2
  • Hwy 395 #12
    Hwy 395 #12
  • Hwy 385 #12
    Hwy 385 #12

Swall Meadows/Jacob’s Ladder

Dusk at Swall Meadows

Keough Hot Spray

Keough Hot Spray

Keough Hot Spray (click to view large)

The spray, an undulating mix of hot and cold mineral water, is pleasantly disorienting to be in. Or perhaps that was a partial effect of the day hike around Lake Sabrina at over 9000 feet. In any case, the mineral pool was a fantastic finish to the day. And the vintage character of the place, while slowly decaying,¬†was very cool. I hope any sprucing up that might happen doesn’t go too far.