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Temple of Found Objects

Outsider Architecture

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Perhaps my favorite photograph from our vacation in Hawaii. I expected to find many beautiful things to photograph in Kauai. There is an abundance of natural beauty. What surprised me was finding such nonnatural beauty. I don’t know who built this temple, or why. To what gods? For what end? It doesn’t really matter. I’m just glad they did. It seems to have been built largely of found and recycled materials, especially large metal, everything from tin cafeteria trays to airplane engines. All beautifully sculpted.

Blogger’s Block and Video Fun

I am having a mid-life crisis. That is my excuse for not writing anything in such a long time. I also notice that the longer one goes without writing something, anything, the easier it is to continue not writing. So, my new strategy is to participate in that time-honored practice of bloggers the world over: recycling content. So, in the spirit of writing something, anything, in order to make it a habit, i have written this as a preamble to the video below. I think it’s an inspiration to middle-aged breeder hipsters like me. And maybe it is an homage of sorts to Art of Noise.

Once i figure out how to embed this feed here, i’ll do it. In the meantime, here is the link.