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Mission Beach Night B&W

Mission Beach Night #9 BW

Mission Beach Night #9 BW

  • Mission Beach Night #9 BW
    Mission Beach Night #9 BW
  • Mission Beach Night #4 BW
    Mission Beach Night #4 BW
  • Mission Beach Night #16 BW
    Mission Beach Night #16 BW
  • Mission Beach Night #14 BW
    Mission Beach Night #14 BW
  • Mission Beach Night #12 BW
    Mission Beach Night #12 BW
  • Mission Beach Night #10 BW
    Mission Beach Night #10 BW

High-contrast monochromes of some night photos taken in San Diego in late February. I’m also working on color versions with highly processed effects.

Solano Sunset

Solano Sunset

Solano Sunset (click image to view large)

From last night, December 28, 2011. No rain yet this season, and so the sunsets continue to be colorful. I guess there is just a lot of stuff in the air that makes it go orange. It is not healthy, and everything could use a drink, but at least we get this as a consolation.

New Street Light

New Street Light

Albany CA. 2010

I just noticed tonight that the street light right outside our house is different. It is is very white, almost blue light, and almost looks like LED. Then I noticed that several, but not all, of the street lights in the neighborhood have been replaced. It is easy to tell, because the contrast with the old yellowish sodium lights is striking.

I thought a web search was in order to see if this was part of something significant. Sure enough, I found the following information in this PDF:

The City will be replacing all “cobra head” street lights in Albany from High‐pressure sodium vapor (HPSV) to LED. Approximately $400,000 in Federal Stimulus Funds (ARRA funds) for energy efficiency will be utilized for this project. This project has many “green” benefits including:

  • CO2 reduction: 170,042 Kg/year
  • Energy savings: 324,506 kWh/year
  • First Year Cost savings: $28,374

They will be replacing over 600 of the old sodium lights. There’s also a lot said about improved visibility. It definitely seems much brighter out there. I hope it is not too much, since our bedroom window faces the street. On the other hand, I do like the quality of light much better than those terrible orangey sodium-vapor lights. It’ll make mundane neighborhood night photography much more fun.

Brighton Night

Brighton Ave, Albany CA, 2010.

Night Rambler 5

Night Rambler 5, originally uploaded by neocles.

It showed up one day earlier this week. It sat quietly over to the side minding its own business, not making a peep. I went by once and noticed it immediately, but I, too, didn’t say anything. Life is like that a lot these days. One makes mental notes and tries to find them later amid the clutter of scraps of paper, children’s toys, empty wine bottles, and job postings.

I went by again and the tug was more insistent; the mental note came floating down from the rafters, landed in plain view. For two days I shuffled it to the top of the stack of other mental notes.

Sarah had noticed it sitting there and said something to me about it. Tuesday night it was still there when I left the house to run the errand in another note. I threw my tripod in the car on my way to get milk.

On the way back home, i went by again. This time I stopped. I didn’t care that it was night. The moon was almost full. The golden convertible gleamed in the cocktail glow of moonlight and sodium vapor.

It was accidental at the time, brought about by the time constraints of modern suburban living. But these two great tastes taste great together: suburban neighborhood car photography, and night photography.