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Not as bad as it seems

Albany Sunset #9

Drive-by Shooting

Hiding in the Trees

The Road Home

Dusk at Swall Meadows

Point Loma Crepuscular

Point Loma Sunset B&W

Point Loma Sunset B&W (click image to view large)

My sister-in-law has been living in San Diego for the past year, and we finally had a chance to visit here there for her birthday last month. Her second cousins also live there, and the day we were leaving we visited them at their home near Point Loma. They were kind enough to whisk us off for a quick tour of the peninsula. This was the view from the historic lighthouse there.

More Sunset

End of Shift

End of Shift (click image to view large)

This was the view from my window at work in Oakland the other day. It has been pretty dramatic for several weeks now. Usually I don’t notice while I’m still working because I have the shade down and I’m hurrying to wrap things up and head home.

Solano Sunset

Solano Sunset

Solano Sunset (click image to view large)

From last night, December 28, 2011. No rain yet this season, and so the sunsets continue to be colorful. I guess there is just a lot of stuff in the air that makes it go orange. It is not healthy, and everything could use a drink, but at least we get this as a consolation.

Christmas Time Sunset

San Francisco Sunset

San Francisco Sunset (click image to view large)

We picked Sarah’s parents up in Emeryville and headed down to Newark for dinner with friends. Across the bay, the sun was setting behind San Francisco. I tried to resist, but as we were leaving, I couldn’t stand it anymore and stopped to take some shots of the sunset. Out on the south side of the Watergate, the last burning rays reflected off the low-tide mud, and it was just too much to not at least try to shoot. I only had the 35mm prime with me, but it would have to do. I’m pleasantly surprised at how well this hand-held 1/25th sec. shot came out. Granted, I had to kneel in the ice plant in my dress clothes to stabilize myself.