Happy Birthday Theo

Happy Birthday Theo

Kid turned eight years old today. It’s true what they say about it going by fast. Yes, he’s still into Clone Wars. Although, lately it’s been Disney Toontown social gaming, and now the latest is Lego Hero Factory. It’s all so much more involved than just a generation ago when we played just fine with sticks and mud and leaves. I don’t think kids around here make many mud pies anymore.

And in fact, a Wii finally arrived at our house on account of this occasion; we’ve joined the 21 century, video game addiction, and wireless connection from the TV to Netflix!

A little birthday party at the YMCA kids’ gym went well enough with only a few of injuries from which all concerned recovered relatively quickly. Although my ribs are still a little sore from being pummeled by children while trapped inside a large padded barrel. I tried the obstacle course race too, and that didn’t do my knees any good.

Nonetheless, it was wonderful day. Happy birthday little buddy.